Sketch of Vladimir Morris

Vladimir Morris is a forty-nine year old (At the time of the web comic which takes place in 2068) male who was transferred over to Segment FA-0129 to help fight neo-terrorism.

Background InformationEdit

Morris was born on December 18, 2019 in Volgograd, Russia. He immigrated to Texas with his parents at the age of ten, although he kept his culture at heart. At the age of eighteen, Morris enlisted in the United States Army. When the Great War started in 2051, Morris was stationed over in Crorya, where a small blast caused him to lose his right arm and scarred the right side of his face around his eye. His arm was soon replaced with a fully functional bionic arm and his eye was replaced with new, experimental techology. 


Morris weighs 15 kg and stands at 179 cm. He has no hair and almost nonexistent eyebrow. He wears the Future Agents Admiral Uniform without any insignia. He likes to wear his black bolo tie. He has a round chin and a larger nose. He has no pupil in his artificial right eye. Morris has very noticable scarring and inflammation on the right side of his face, where his vains pop out. His right arm is artificial, but he prefers wearing gloves and his suit so nobody notices. Morris is obese.


Morris is a highly intelligent and clever individual who enjoys throwing formal parties. He is completely unreadable to others. He tries to be very polite and friendly to everyone who crosses his path and is a strong believer in proper etiquette. He's very kind towards everyone but Admiral James E. Karner , but at heart, he is a very negative person, ridiculing almost everyone. He tends to be narrow minded and has strong opinions. He enjoys being jocular, but almost to the point that he is considered mean. Morris is very stoic man and is very courageous. 

Interests and Other InformationEdit

More information will be available soon!

In the MovieEdit

Morris does not appear in the movie.

In the Web ComicEdit

Morris is a major role in the web comic.