Segment FA-0129 is a branch of Future Agents specifically developed to fight neo-terrorism. This segment is located in Seattle, Washington.

Formation and MembersEdit

Segment FA-0129 was formed by Admiral James E. Karner when he decided to reopen Case-Suzuki in 2065. The Segment's intital members are Admiral Karner, Li Willis , Amy MartinMaddie Cinder, Professor Kira Jones , and Professor Bryan Jones . In the webcomic, the initial team is joined by Tom Whitman, Naoko Graves, Vladimir Morris, and Major Siren.

Background InformationEdit

Segment FA-0129 was specifically developed to fight the new threat of neo-terrorism. At the time of development, neo-terrorism was not yet a concept, but Dr. Suzuki's motives opened the possibility of other radicals attempting similar overhauls. There are only a handful of segments that fight neo-terrorism, one at each of the five Future Agents bases in the United States.

Segment FA-0129's missions are to be completed in secrecy, as to avoid public disturbance. Their missions involve stopping and destroying neo-terrorists, but also involves keeping the threats hidden from the public. As most of the public has focused their attention towards the war, it is easier for the agents to prevent neo-terrorism information from leaking into the public. After Case-Suzuki , some of the public began to grow suspicious and are starting to become more aware of the threat that targets their country.

Segment FA-0129's agents are all highly trained individuals specialized in combatting neo-terrorists, with the exception of Maddie Cinder. But she is under special training to develop her skills.

In the MovieEdit

Segment FA-0129 only has its initial six members throughout the entirety of the movie. It's only focus is to stop Dr. Suzuki from committing his crimes and overhauling the military. The Segment is not called by name, but it is implied by the serial number on various parts of uniforms and documents.