Point Blank Entertainment is an unofficial, amateur animation entity that produces web-animations on YouTube. Point Blank Entertainment itself does not receive any income, however, it receives funding through YouTube Monetization and Patreon donations.

Point Blank Entertainment was founded by YouTube user Pilot-Obvious because she wanted to use an alternate channel to post animations. Point Blank Entertainment's first and only production is Future Agents the Movie. Point Blank Entertainment has often been referred to as Pilot, mostly because she handles all of the animation, audio mixing, and directing for the film.

However, many people have contributed to the goodwill of PBE and it's production of Future Agents. These people include:

ZombieComplex - Voice Actress

Sydsnap - Voice Actress

Martin Lis - Voice Actor

Len Ray - Voice Actor

MartialMichael126 - Voice Actor

AkujiTavarious - Voice Actress

DeusMarionette - Voice Actress

BobfishAlmighty - Voice Actor

Jon Fawkes - Voice Actor

HostileCobalt - Lining and Coloring Frames

K-AmeTV - Lining and Coloring Frames

anima146 - Lining and Coloring Frames

ArcanumOrder - Helped to find SFX and Video Effects, minor voice actor, also affiliate of PBE

Madison Perry - Edited Scripts

HelloNessa94 - Lining and Coloring Frames

darkstarkc99 - Minor Voice Actor

Nymm Kirimoto - Minor Voice Actress

MelancholicDoves - Minor Voice Actress

Drahveson - Minor Voice Actor