Mrs. Valerie Suzuki is a twenty-six year old woman who is married to Dr. Neil Suzuki. She is voiced by YouTube user AkujiTavarious.

Personal BackgroundEdit

Mrs. Suzuki was born on April 28, 2039 in Seattle, Washington. She worked at a nightclub in Seattle for three years until she met Dr. Neil Suzuki. They got married soon after. Mrs. Suzuki is now a prime member of Conglomerate Suzuki and goes out in the field to complete Dr. Suzuki's missions. 


Mrs. Suzuki is a caucasian female who stands at 170 cm and weighs 59 kg. She has long, brown hair that flips out at the ends and purple eyes. Mrs. Suzuki primarily wears a short purple dress with matching ascot and earrings. Sometimes, she trades her dress for a form-fitting latex suit. She likes to dress promiscuously.


Mrs. Suzuki is a sociable, cheeky individual who loves to receive attention. She is doggedly loyal to her husband and loves to be affectionate and loving. Mrs. Suzuki is very unreadable, but is very perceptive of other people's emotions. She can be very mean towards other people and petty. She is very graceful, but stubborn and pessimistic. 

Interests and Other InformationEdit

Mrs. Suzuki was a pole dancer at a nightclub in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Suzuki was on business in the area when they met, and he offered to let her live a very laid-back life in exchange for her hand in marriage. She agreed and they were soon married afterwards. She denies that she is a sugar baby. 

Mrs. Suzuki's husband formed Conglomerate Suzuki soon after they were wed, and she was assigned to be a field agent. However, she rarely went out on missions until Admiral James E. Karner reopened Case-Suzuki and plotted his agents against them. She was then forced to go out on missions or face consequences from her husband. Mrs. Suzuki eventually became interested in her operations and learned to enjoy her time out in the field. This is possibly because of her hatred for Amy Martin, whom she compares herself to often. 

Mrs. Suzuki is doggedly loyal to her husband. She tries to see past his hateful attitude and short temper. She realizes that he doesn't care for her, but she denies it because she wants him to love her. Despite her marital issues, she appears completely unaffected by it on the surface. 

In the MovieEdit

Mrs. Suzuki is one of the main antagonists in Future Agents the Movie. She is the one who does all of the field work for Conglomerate Suzuki. Her missions usually target Admiral Karner, Li Willis , or their agents, Amy Martin and Maddie Cinder . She is ruthless against her enemies and likes to tease them.